Support for Regional Museums

Grants Supporting Initiatives in NT Cultural Heritage

Want to create a new, innovative, must-see display? Get that ever-expanding collection sorted, catalogued and properly stored? Employ a specialist to identify those inscrutable objects? Go for some museology training or related professional development? Maybe start an outreach program, becoming a conduit for local creativity?

Regional Museums Grant Support Program funding can help you to realise that dream. Grants are made annually to assist local museums and keeping places to develop programs, design and construct displays, manage their collections, acquire relevant skills and enhance the presentation and preservation of local heritage for the benefit and enjoyment of residents and visitors to the vast and varied regional environs of the Northern Territory.

What are we Looking For?

The Grants Program will consider initiatives and programs that will enhance understanding and appreciation of the unique identity of your local community through:

  • Development of displays that reflect regional identity or uniqueness;
  • Innovative research projects that interpret local material culture and heritage;
  • Qualitative improvements to collection management, procurement and preservation;
  • Establishment of regional communication and information-sharing networks;
  • Employment of specialist consultants and contractors;
  • Acquisition of relevant skills through training and professional development programs.

While applicable to a wide range of initiatives, the Regional Museums Grant Support Program is not intended for capital works, building restoration and repairs or utility costs.

Who may Apply?

Legally-constituted or incorporated Northern Territory-based museums, historical societies, public libraries, archives, Indigenous or migrant community groups or similar organisations committed to the preservation of cultural heritage and open to the public are eligible to apply.

The 2014/15 Rounds are open from 15 April 2014 and close 30 June 2014.

How we can Help

The staff and management at the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory are available to assist you with the guidelines for application.

Contact: Paul Clark

Telephone:      (08)  8999 8283

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